8M Back side illumination CMOS image sensor.


The RAA462113FYL is 8M BSI CMOS Image Sensor for security applications. The sensor features HDR (High Dynamic Range) and AF Assist (Auto Focus Assist) functions for performance at high contrast and variable ranges, supports both MIPI-CSI2 or SLVS output formats, with support to 60 fps (12-bit digital output.)


Superior Low Illumination Performance

  • The newly developed BSI techology achieves low noise and high sensitivity to improve the visibility of a color image in darkness.


Advanced High-speed Circuit Technology

  • 12-bit resolution at 60fps generates smooth movies.


Line by Line HDR Assist Function @ 30fps

  • The sensor outputs long-exposure images and short-exposure images by each horizontal line enabling the ISP to synthesize the blended image to create pictures at 30fps while eliminating both blown-out highlights and blocked-up shadows.

Autofocus (AF) Assist Function with Built-in HPF

  • Contrast information calculated in 20 split image planes assists the autofocus system even without an ISP that supports AF function.



Category Item Description
Package CLGA 144-pin 1.0 mm pitch (15 x 13.3 mm)
Sensor Optimal format 1/1.9 inch
Effective area 3872 (H) x 2192 (V)
Unit cell size 1.85 μm x 1.85 μm
Primary color filter array Bayer pattern
Power Supply Power supply voltage 1.2 V, 1.8 V, 2.8 V
Read Mode Ultra High Definition Single exposure, Max 60 fps (Active Area : 3840 x 2160)
High Definition Single exposure, Max 60 fps (Active Area : 1920 x 1080), 2 x 2 binning
High Dynamic Range Double exposure (Line by Line), Max 30 fps (Active Area : 3840 x 2160)
Output Mode MIPI-CSI2 (Camera Serial Interface )
RAW12, RAW10
LVDS (Scalable Low Voltage Signaling)
12-bit, LSB-first
Output Interface  Output lane 8 lane+1 clock, 4 lane+1 clock
Data rate 891 Mbps, 445.5 Mbps / lane
Serial Communication I²C Fast mode, Fast mode plus
4-wire (SCE, SCK, SDI, SDO) 2 address = 1 word = 16-bit, MSB-first
A/D Converter, Gain Resolution of A/D converter 12-bit
Gain amplifier Analog : 0 to 30 dB, Digital : 0 to 24 dB
Auto Focus Assist   Accumulated HPF data Selectable 20-split areas (5 x 4)
Two type of HPF (low order and high order)
Brightness calculation Each 20-split areas (5 x 4), Prevention of Auto Focus malfunction



Block Diagram



Low Illumination Performance Calculation Definition

Two light sources at a color temperature of 3200K illuminate 18% gray chart. CMOS Image Sensor is placed at a meter distance from the gray chart. Furthermore, Lens and IR cut filter are installed on CMOS Image Sensor.

On the condition that exposure time is 1/60 sec and F number is F1.4,
SNR is calculated by the below formula:

Where G[e-] is signal intensity, the square of photon shot noise.
Low Illumination Performance means the intensity of illumination when SNR is equal to 1.




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