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Technology Solutions and Applications

IP Products (IP License)

Available in Any Configuration You Like – IP Core, Subsystems, Peripheral Solutions

Renesas has incorporated a broad range of intellectual property (IP) into its microcontrollers and system-on-chip products, including CPU IP, communication interface IP, timer IP, memory IP, and analog IP. IP licenses available now include CPU core (RX cores, SH cores, etc.), timer IP for motor applications, USB cores, and SRAM.

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Renesas Process Technologies

SOTB™ Process Technology

Energy harvesting in embedded systems is now a reality with the exclusive SOTB technology from Renesas.


PR40 is an advanced complementary bipolar process on bonded-SOI substrates that is used to optimize performance for high voltage precision analog applications.

R3™ Modulation

Renesas R3 technology combines the best features of fixed-frequency PWM and hysteretic PWM while eliminating many of their shortcomings.

R4™ Control Loop

R4 modulation technology provides a compensation-free control loop that eliminates external compensation resistors and capacitors.

R5 Modulation

Renesas R5 controller technology is a proprietary modulation technique that offers the fastest response to changing output load conditions.

Application List


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