Impact of the December 28 Earthquake in North Part of Ibaraki on Renesas Electronics Operation

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December 29, 2016


First, we would like to express our sincere condolences to those who suffered this earthquake that hit Ibaraki and the surrounding areas on December 28 at 9:38 p.m.


We confirmed there were no casualties at the Renesas group offices and affiliate companies located nearby the epicenter. 


        Regarding the Naka Factory located in the Ibaraki Prefecture, there was no significant damage to the manufacturing building, however, we confirmed damages to part of the manufacturing equipment and to some of the work-in-process products that were inside the manufacturing equipment when the earthquake occurred.

        Due to safety purposes, we temporarily halted part of the manufacturing equipment immediately after the earthquake. We have been proceeding in the assessment of the equipment and are in a process of relaunching the production of part of the production processes in an orderly manner.


        We expect the production capacity of Naka Factory to reach full pre-earthquake level (wafer input base) by four days. Details of the impact from this earthquake on the delivery plan for individual products will be reported to respective customers as soon as we complete the assessment.


        As of today, Renesas confirmed no particular impact on Renesas ’overall supply chain including the suppliers and partner companies from this earthquake.