Impact of the March 14 earthquake near Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan on Renesas Electronics operation


March 14, 2014


First, we would like to express our sincere condolences to those who suffered this earthquake that hit Ehime and the surrounding areas on March 14 at 02:07 a.m.


We confirmed no significant impact on the company's operation. Among the Renesas Group offices and affiliate companies, the following sites were located in the area that measured over intensity 4 on the Japanese scale. As of March 14, 10:00a.m., there were no casualties, nor was there any damage to our facilities at these sites although we continue to investigate the influence on them.


RenesasElectronics Saijo site (Saijo, Ehime)
RenesasElectronics Kochi site (Konan, Ehime)
RenesasSemiconductor Kyushu Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Factory (Ube, Yamaguchi)
RenesasSemiconductor Kyushu Yamaguchi Oita Factory (Nakatsu, Oita)
RenesasSemiconductor Kyushu Yamaguchi Kumamoto-Nishiki Factory (Kuma, Kumamoto)
RenesasYanai Semiconductor (Yanai, Yamaguchi)
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