The R1Q#A7236 is a 2, 097, 152-word by 36-bit and the R1Q#A7218 is a 4, 194, 304-word by 18-bit synchronous double data rate static RAM fabricated with advanced CMOS technology using full CMOS sixtransistor memory cell. It integrates unique synchronous peripheral circuitry and a burst counter. All input registers are controlled by an input clock pair (K and /K) and are latched on the positive edge of K and /K. These products are suitable for applications which require synchronous operation, High-Speed, low voltage, high density and wide bit configuration. These products are packaged in 165-pin plastic FBGA package.


  • Power Supply · 1.8 V for core (VDD), 1.4 V to VDD for I/O (VDDQ)
  • Clock · Fast clock cycle time for high bandwidth · Two input clocks (K and /K) for precise DDR timing at clock rising edges only · Two output echo clocks (CQ and /CQ) simplify data capture in high-speed systems · Clock-stop capability with μs restart
  • I/O · Common data input/output bus · Pipelined double data rate operation · HSTL I/O · User programmable output impedance · DLL/PLL circuitry for wide output data valid window and future frequency scaling · Data valid pin (QVLD) to indicate valid data on the output
  • Function · Two-tick burst for low DDR transaction size · Internally self-timed write control · Simple control logic for easy depth expansion · JTAG 1149.1 compatible test access port
  • Package · 165 FBGA package (13 x 15 x 1.4 mm) · RoHS Compliance Level = 6/6


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Preview LBGA Tray


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R1QHA7236ABB,R1QHA7218ABB Datasheet データシート PDF 695 KB
How to Use QDR(TM) II SRAM and DDR II SRAM User's Manual マニュアル PDF 1.02 MB
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R1QHA7218ABB-25I IBIS (r1qha7218abb.ibs) English モデル-IBIS IBS 1.79 MB
R1QHA7218ABB-25I BSDL (R1QHA7218.BSDL) English モデル-IBIS BSDL 9 KB
Network Packet Search Solution Catalog カタログ PDF 1.79 MB
Key Features of QDR(TM) II+/DDR II+ SRAM(Difference between QDR II/DDR II and QDRII+/DDR II+) Information その他資料 PDF 804 KB