The ISL70444SEH 19MHz radiation hardened 40V quad rail-to-rail input-output (RRIO), low power operational amplifier contains four high-speed, low power op amps designed to take advantage of its full dynamic input and output voltage range with rail-to-rail operation. By offering low power, low offset voltage and low temperature drift coupled with its high bandwidth and enhanced slew rates upwards of 50V/μs, these op amps make it ideal for applications requiring both high DC accuracy and AC performance. This amplifier is designed to operate over a single supply range of 2.7V to 40V or a split supply voltage range of ±1.35V to ±20V.


  • Single or dual supply operation: ±1.35V to ±20V or 2.7V to 40V
  • Singled-ended or differential input operation with gain (G = 10V/V)
  • External VREF input
  • Banana jack connectors for power supply and VREF inputs
  • BNC connectors for op amp input and output terminals
  • Convenient PCB pads for op amp input/output impedance loading


  • Precision instruments
  • Active filter blocks
  • Data acquisition
  • Power supply control
  • Process control


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ISL70444SEHEVAL1Z User Guide マニュアル PDF 794 KB
ISL70444SEHEVAL1Z Design Files 設計ファイル ZIP 1.99 MB
ISL70444SEH SEE Test Report レポート PDF 5.82 MB
ISL70444SEH Neutron Test Report レポート PDF 323 KB
ISL70444SEH Total Dose Test Report レポート PDF 417 KB