This video discusses the ZL9010M digital DC/DC PMBus 10A power module at APEC 2013.


My name is George Liang I am here attending the APEC 2013 conference and today I would like to introduce you to one of our key products, digital power module ZL9010M.

This is our new digital power module product. The current rating is 10A. This is a first of a kind digital power module within a very small form factor we call an HDA package, it's a package we have patented. In this IC we have a digital PMBus feature implemented so it can work with up to four digital power modules working together with current sharing and it has the most comprehensive protective features including overcurrent protection and over-temperature protection, very reliable. It was designed for compact technical data application where the space is limited. It also has all the intelligent features needed for intelligent power management.