The 80A ISL8273M, provides best-in-class power density, excellent thermal and electrical performance, on-the-fly power supply optimization and real-time system monitoring and control.


Hello, and welcome to Intersil. I'm Eric Pittana, senior product marketing manager for the industrial power group, and today I'm proud to introduce to you the latest addition to Intersil's family of fully encapsulated digitally controlled power modules, the ISL8273M. By integrating the switching controller, FET drivers, FET transistors, inductor and most passive components, the power module is the simplest and fastest time to market to implement a point of load solution that is both very versatile and very performing.

The ISL8273M is a complete digital DC/DC step-down power supply encapsulated in a single package. Operating from the standard 5V and 12V input power rails, it is capable of providing up to 80A of continuous output current and can be programmed to output voltages as low as 0.6V. It achieves better than 90% efficiency on most conversion ratios.

For higher output current needs, up to four ISL8273M power modules can be parallel to provide up to 320A in a single power rail in a multiphase current sharing configuration. All these features and many more are incorporated into an 18mm x 23mm thermally enhanced HDA package.

Thermal management is one of the greatest challenges of high-power module design. The ISL8273M is built on Intersil's patented single-layer conductive substrate in a high density lead-frame array also known as HDA package. This technology provides excellent thermal conductivity to dissipate heat through the system PCB board because of the single conductive layer of material. The typical application diagram shown here is a good example of how easy it is to design the ISL8273M.

Only a few external components are required to operate. Input and output capacitors, along with a few decoupling capacitors and resistors are the only required components to be chosen. For advanced power management features such as sequencing, advanced fault management and real-time monitoring and system optimization, communication with the ISL8273M through the PMBus is necessary.

In that respect, Intersil also simplifies the designing efforts by providing a complete development environment called PowerNavigator. All Intersil's advanced power modules including the ISL8273M, as well as all Intersil's digital power devices are supported through the PowerNavigator software. This software tool available for free on our website, provides the full dashboard and intuitive development environment for all the advanced power solutions. It allows real-time customization, monitoring and optimization of the systems as well as creation of all the configuration files.

Intersil's family of power management modules span from performance analog to advanced power solutions supporting multiple input voltage rails, output currents and a variety of basic and advanced power management features. The ISL8273M complements an already existing and comprehensive portfolio of advanced power modules.

Thank you for attending this presentation on the ISL8273M. For the latest documentation, order samples or an evaluation board, please visit us online. Thank you and see you next time.