Data throughput needs continue to rise for serial IO technologies. As these speeds increase, jitter requirements have become more stringent. IDT’s new family of Crystal Oscillators, IDT XO, is the response to the industry’s needs for high performance, low jitter clock sources. IDT XO feature a typical jitter value of 300 fs RMS with a maximum value of 400 fs, integrated over 12 kHz to 20 MHz.
IDT offers the most precise timing solutions available with industry leading accuracy over temperature, frequency stability, and best phase noise and jitter feature sets.
Presented by Andrew Luchsinger and Alyssa Joseph. For more information visit www.idt.com/go/XO.


Alyssa: Hi. I'm Alyssa Joseph.

Andrew: And I'm Andrew Luchsinger.

Alyssa: IDT develops a broad range of low power, high performance, mixed signal semiconductor solutions that optimize its customer applications in key markets. In addition to its market leading timing products, IDT offers semiconductors targeting communications infrastructure, both wired and wireless, high performance computing and power management. These products are used for next generation development in areas such as 4G infrastructure and network communications, cloud data centers and power management for computing and mobile devices. As the world’s leader in silicon timing, IDT is the only one-stop shop for timing solutions. Offering products from full featured systems solutions to simple clock building-block devices, factory programmable options and clock solution customization capabilities address unique customer requirements while low jitter and low power features set IDT apart from other timing suppliers.

IDT is in a unique position to address the needs of virtually any application. IDT's industry leading portfolio of timing devices consists of clock generators, buffers, dividers, multiplexers and jitter attenuators with frequency translation. Many with programmable capabilities for maximum flexibility. IDT has expanded its comprehensive portfolio with new frequency control families of crystal oscillators, the XU and XL families.

Andrew: Higher data throughput in today's serial IO technologies has led to increasingly stringent jitter requirements. In response to this, IDT developed the XL and XU crystal oscillator families to offer designers a reliable and economical path to address these challenges. These new devices deliver high performance with extremely low jitter and short delivery times you just won't find from other vendors. With unparalleled features and flexibility and attractive price versus performance ratios, the new XOs are ideal for applications in networking, communications, data flow, storage and servers. The XU and XL crystal oscillators are available in frequencies from 16 kHz all the way up to 1.5 GHz, with output type options including high speed CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS or HCSL. In addition, the XU family specifically features an extremely low typical jitter specification of just 300 fsec RMS with a maximum value of 400, integrated over the full 12 kHz to 20 MHz frequency range.

Another great thing about these parts is that engineers won't have to wait months to receive them. IDT can generally deliver custom parts to customers within just two weeks after an order is placed giving engineers a valuable quick start on their implementations. These products are available in industry standard packages and pin outs supporting both extended commercial and industrial operating temperature ranges. The complexity of timing continues to grow in parallel with the complexity of today's system designs. IDT's new family of XU and XL crystal oscillators can help engineers efficiently overcome the hurdles of jitter in a wide range of frequencies.

Alyssa: Thanks for watching. To learn more, download a datasheet or order samples. Visit idt.com/go/xo.