Network Camera (Security/Surveillance)

Security camera systems have rapidly become popular with the recent rise in demand for security for information society and infrastructure development for a safe and secure society. Security cameras have been shifting from conventional analog cameras to network cameras, and a wide range of camera systems that utilize networks are being developed. Renesas has an excellent product lineup for network camera systems and provides advanced camera solutions.

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Camera System Solution
(Image Processor)

Renesas supports major devices for network camera. We have a wide product lineup ranging from high-resolution and high-definition CMOS image sensors, to MPUs that have image processing functions and display functions, to MCUs for motor control for cameras.

Camera System Solution
(CMOS Sensor)

In the network camera field, the shift away from conventional analog CCTV cameras is accelerating, and the market is expected to continue to expand in the future. In recent years, the network camera market has been demanding higher performance and higher resolution.

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