Renesas connectivity solutions are available for wireless communication (BLE and Sub-GHz) and wired communication (PLC) applications. They enable customers to build networks linking devices and systems without the need to install new wiring. Evaluation boards, sample software, evaluation tools, and documentation are provided to provide total support for customers' development efforts.


Power Line Communication (PLC) Solution

Power line communication, abbreviated PLC, is a technology that allows power lines to be used for data communication by transferring data over existing power lines. There are "low-speed" and "high-speed" versions of PLC, each of which uses a different communication protocol.

Bluetooth® Low Energy Solution

Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) enables low-power data links with devices including smartphones. Customers can use the evaluation board to develop new BLE applications with a BLE system employing the RL78/G1D. The evaluation board is FCC, IC, CE, KC, SRRC, and MIC (Japan) certified.

Sub-GHz Solution

Provides support for the Wi-SUN for ECHONET Lite Profile, an international wireless communication standard established by the Wi-SUN Alliance, to enable home energy management applications such as smart meters or home energy management systems (HEMS) to use the ECHONET Lite communication standard wirelessly on the 920MHz frequency band.

RS-485 Communication Solution

This RS-485 communication solution uses differential signals to enable long distance data transmissions, even in noisy environments. Also, up to 32 devices can be used on the same data line.