Support for this product is limited to customers who have already adopted these products.



The PC4701U emulator system creates a flexible development environment, improving the debugging efficiency of your applications.

This emulator is for common use in many MCU of M16C, 7700, and 740 Families, up to 20MHz. Use-replaceable emulation pods (sold separately) and accessories such as connectors (sold separately) accommodate variations between different MCUs.

Even if you switch MCU to a model appropriate to the new application field, there is no need to worry about degradation in the accuracy of emulation and productivity since there is no necessity for replacement purchases of an emulator debugger (SW) and the emulator main unit.

Each debugging environment for various MCUs can be configured with minimum expenditures of time and budget. That will support to unfurl a wide array of new application products.



Release Information

PC4701 Emulator Debugger for M32C Series and M16C/80 Series


  • Latest Ver.:V.1.03 Release 00
  • Released:1 July. 2007


PC4701 Emulator Debugger for M16C/60,30,20,10 and M16C/Tiny Series


  • Latest Ver.:V.1.03 Release 00
  • Released:1 July. 2007


PC4701 Emulator Debugger for 740 Family


  • Latest Ver.:V.1.02 Release 00
  • Released:16 Sept. 2006


Details of upgrade (See Tool News)

Operating Environment


[Reference]  M3T-PD77 (Discontinued product)


For M16C Family : PC7501 Note1

For 7700 Family : None

For 740 Family : M38000T2-CPE


  1. Support for 7700 family MCUs is limited to customers who have already adopted these products. All emualtion pods and emulator debuggers (software) for the PC4701U emulator have already been discontinued.



  • Emulator main unit PC4701U
  • AC power cable (3 m)
  • USB interface cable (1.9 m)
  • LPT parallel interface cable (1.9 m, IEEE 1284-A male to IEEE 1284-C male cable)
  • Break event output cable (1 m)
  • External trace input signal cable (1 m)
  • User's manual
  • CD-ROM (Emulator debugger etc.)

Note: A 10BASE-T Ethernet cable for LAN is not packaged and is not available as an option.

Optional Products

MCU-Dependent Software and Emulation Pods

Here is a list of the bundled emulator debuggers and separately available emulation pods :

Support for this product is limited to customers who have already adopted these products.

Target MCU Applicable emulator debugger Note1
(bundled with the emulator)
Applicable emulation pod Note3 (available separately)
'x' in a product name varies according to MCU.
High-performance Embedded Workshop PD
M32C/80 Series M32C PC4701 Emulator Debugger  M3T-PD308 M30830T-RPD-E
M16C/80 Series M30803T-RPD-E
M16C/60 Series M16C PC4701 Emulator Debugger  M3T-PD30 M306xxTx-RPD-E
M16C/60 Series M16C/6S (M16C/6S0) M3062PT3-RPD-E + M306S0T-PRB
M16C/30 Series M306xxTx-RPD-E
M16C/20 Series M30200T-RPD-E + Pod probe for your target MCU
M16C/10 Series M30100T3-RPD-E + Pod probe for your target MCU
M16C/Tiny Series M3062PT3-RPD-E + M30262T-PTC
family Note2
7900 Series - M3T-PD79 M37900T2-RPD-E + Pod probe for your target MCU
7770 Series -  M3T-PD77 M37760T-RPD-E
740 family Note4 740 PC4701 Emulator Debugger  M3T-PD38 M37641T2-RPD-E
M38000TL2-FPD + Emulator MCU


  1. Emulator debuggers' operating environments are as follows.
    • M32C PC4701 Emulator Debugger, M16C PC4701 Emulator Debugger, 740 PC4701 Emulator Debugger : Windows XP and Windows 2000
    • M3T-PDxx : Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4. 0.
      (Note that a USB interface is unavailable under Windows NT 4.0. )
  2. An emulation pod for 77xx Series may need a user-replaceable MCU board kit M377xxT-RPDM.
  3. Emulation pods are overseas standards compliant. (except M3xxxxT-RPD)
  4. Emulation pods and emulator debuggers for the PC4701 emulator are discontinued. A compact emulator for the 740 Family, the M38000T2-CPE, is available instead. The compact emulator is an in-circuit emulator with an extremely compact design featuring frequently used full-fledged debug functions, such as a real-time trace and hardware breaks. The compact emulator is available for one-fifth the cost of the PC4701U emulator system.


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