Tool News delivers the latest information on Software and Tools including notifications of changes and updates of our products.

News is provided in seven categories based on the product life cycle.

Product Life Cycle and Tool News Example

Product Life Cycle Category of Tool News Descriptions
Before/At Release
New Release
Introduction of new products.
Release of Software
Released on the Web
Introduction of software products released on the web.
Available for Sale/on the Web
Upgrade to Version
Notification of version upgrade.
Upgrade to Revision
Notification of revision updates.
Introducing useful functions.
Notification of precautionary notes when using products.
Revisions to Documents
Notification of document revisions.
End of Sales Notification
Announcement of final order placement and successor products.

Publishing Schedule

Regular issue (Internet Release Date) 1st (5th) and 16th (20th) of every month Next business day if it falls on a Japanese public holiday.
No issue
January 1st, May 1st, August 16th
Other issues may be cancelled without prior notice.

Special issues may be released due to product status.

How to Get Tool News

Tool News are released on the Internet in PDF form.

 About Internet release

  • Tool News issued in 2003 or later are available on the Internet.
  • The latest issues are listed at the top of the Tool News search results.
  • By using filters, you can refine your search results based on a specific product. You can also view the list by news categories such as [Notes], [Update to version], and [Notification].

List of Tool News

To get the latest tool news, access the following URL. The latest issues are listed at the top of the search results.