The following Firmware Integration Technology (FIT) modules support the RX23W group of microcontrollers.

Device Driver

Kind of Module Function FIT Module (Download)
BSP Basic Settings Board Support Package (BSP)
Peripheral Function Modules Power Supply Monitoring Voltage Detection Circuit (LVD)
Low Power Consumption Low Power Consumption (LPC)
Battery Buckup (VBATT) Battery Backup (VBATT)
Interrupt Interrupt Controller (IRQ)
Data Transfer Data Transfer Controller (DTC)
DMAC DMA Controller (DMACA)
I/O Settings I/O Ports (GPIO)
Pin Settings Multi-Function Pin Controller (MPC)
Timer Compare Match Timer (CMT)
Real-Time Clock (RTC)
Low Power Timer (LPT)
Safety Independent Watchdog Timer (IWDT)
Watchdog Timer (WDT)
Communications SCI Serial Communications Interface (SCI: Asynchronous/Clock Synchronous)
I2CBus Serial Communications Interface (SCI: Simple I2C Bus)
I2C Bus Interface (RIIC)
SPI Serial Peripheral Interface (RSPI)
USB USB Basic firmware
USB Host Mass Storage Class
USB Host Communication Device Class
USB Host Human Interface Device Class
USB Peripheral Mass Storage Class
USB Peripheral Communications Device Class
USB Peripheral Human Interface Device Class
CAN Controller Area Network (RSCAN)
SDHI SD Host Interface (SDHI)
BLE BLE Module (BLE)
QE Utility Module (Profiles)
Mesh Module (Mesh)
Analog A/D 12-Bit A/D Converter (S12AD)
D/A D/A Converter (DAC)
On-Chip Flash Memory Flash Memory (On-chip flash memory Programing)
Sound/Audio Serial Sound Interface (SSI)
Security Trusted Secure IP(TSIP) Please contact us.
Capacitive Touch Sensing Unit QE CTSU Module
QE Touch Module
Other Byte Queue Buffer (Data Management)
Long Queue Buffer (Data Management)
Event Link Controller (ELC)