Sensing devices play an increasingly important role in many areas of modern life — at our workplace, in industry, at home, as well as our personal mobile devices. In consumer applications, sensor-based electronic control provides us with additional safety, health information, power savings, and overall convenience. And for more complex systems in industry and commercial applications, the trend is toward more intelligent sensors that deliver more precise and "intelligent" data to improve product quality, increase operational savings, and reduce energy consumption.

However, each sensor has its unique electrical characteristics and require painstaking tuning of circuitry to convert weak or varied signals into a value that is usable for a microcontroller (MCU). The challenge then is to have a flexible platform that will allow a user to adapt to varied interface requirements, simplify the tuning process, and have the ability to add intelligence based on the information received.

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Smart Analog IC

The Smart Analog IC is a monolithic programmable analog IC integrating an analog front end circuit for processing small sensor signals.

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Smart Analog IC101
Flexibly change analog front end settings in response to environmental changes
Smart Analog IC300
For low voltage configurable amplifier
Smart Analog IC301
For low voltage general-purpose instrumentation amplifier
Smart Analog IC500
For configurable amplifier
Smart Analog IC501
For general-purpose instrumentation amplifier
Smart Analog IC502
For high-speed instrumentation amplifier for motor control

Smart Analog MCU

The RL78/G1E microcontroller is based on the RL78/G1A and has built-in analog front-end (AFE) for sensor applications. The AFE circuit contains configurable amplifiers capable of various amplifier configurations, a gain adjustment amplifier, filters, D/A converters, a temperature sensor, which are suitable for processing small sensor signals.

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Analog Front End + MCU, 8/12-bit ADC
Analog Front End + MCU, 24-bit Delta-Sigma