Renesas' light-to-digital sensors are low power ambient light sensors (ALS) and proximity sensors (PROX) that offer an array of features such as enhanced infrared rejection, internal IR-LED and digital output, and intelligent interrupt and sleep modes.


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AN1984: Temperature and Ambient Light Error Correction Application Note PDF 611 KB
AN1436: Introduction of Proximity Sensing Application Note PDF 563 KB
AN1534: VDD Power-Up and Power Supply Considerations for Intersil Ambient Light Sensors Application Note PDF 186 KB
AN1682: What are the Advantages of Packaging a Proximity Sensor with an Ambient Light Sensor? Application Note PDF 276 KB
AN1737: Eye Safety for Proximity Sensing Using Infrared Light-Emitting Diodes Application Note PDF 712 KB
AN1910: Enhancing RGB Sensitivity and Conversion Time Application Note PDF 389 KB
Color Sensing Improves Look and Feel of Smart Products White Paper PDF 407 KB


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Eye-Safety Exposure Calculator Software & Tools - Other XLSX 35 KB