Power & Power Management



The RAA23022x and RAA23023x are dual step-down DC/DC converter, 4. 5V to 16V input voltage rage and 3A output current. Auto PFM mode makes devices low power operation at light load, so it makes a system lower power. The RAA23022x is suitable for battery backup system using lithium primary cell with built-in battery backup circuit.


  • DC/DC Input voltage range: 4.5V to 16V Shutdown current: 1uA (typ.) Auto PFM mode Maximum output current: 3A Synchronous rectification type step-down DC/DC Integrated power MOSFETs Switching frequency: 1.1MHz (fixed) Output voltage range: 0.8V to 6V Internal phase compensator Soft start: 2ms (fixed) Discharge circuit Power Good Battery backup circuit (RAA23022x)
  • Protection circuit Short circuit protection (latch type) Thermal shutdown circuit: 165°C (typ.) Under voltage lockout circuit (recovery type)
  • Package 20-pin HTSSOP



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