Renesas Starter kits



What You Need For Development

Other drivers, sample software, and other software for supporting development

In addition to the tools and software shown above, Renesas offers a variety of other software for supporting development.

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Development Environment


The Renesas integrated development environment provides robust overall support for embedded system development.

Renesas Starter Kit

Provides a user-friendly development environment for evaluating Renesas microcontroller. You can perform coding and debugging using the emulator and integrated development environment that are included.

Renesas Starter Kit

The Envision Kit allows quick and easy evaluation of the RX65N microcontrollers group features, which is an excellent choice for your next low cost HMI (Human Machine Interface) project.


You can carry out simple evaluation and development of mounted MCU



A high-speed and compact ITRON OS.


Various software modules for controlling Renesas microcontrollers.

Sample Software

Sample code that utilizes various package software, middleware, and drivers, such as application examples and device control examples.

Useful Tools for Development

Firmware Integration Technology(FIT)

Firmware Integration Technology (FIT) modules improve software portability between microcontrollers in the RX Family.

AP4, Applilet

Automatically generates programs for controlling peripheral functions (device driver programs) according to user settings

Supported devices: RX110, RX111, RX113, RX130, RX230, RX231, RX23T, RX24T, RX24U, RX64M, RX651, RX65N, RX71M

Peripheral Driver Generator

The Peripheral Driver Generator (PDG) is a tool that automatically generates programs for on-chip MCU peripheral I/O.

Supported devices: RX210, RX220, RX610, RX621, RX62N, RX630, RX631, RX63N, RX62T, RX62G, RX63T

Solutions For Specific Uses

Capacitive Touch Solution

Simple development environment that revolutionizes switches on electronic devices and their design.

RX Functional Safety

Renesas offers a safety package as an MCU-level solution and a safety reference kit as a system-level solution as solutions for functional safety for industrial equipment to lighten the system development burden for functional safety.

Motor Control Solutions

Renesas motor control solutions that simplify development for motor drive and control.

Programming Tools

Renesas Flash Programmer

On-board programming software that uses the E2 emulator Lite, E1, or E20 on-chip debugging emulators and a serial or USB connection with the RX Family.

Renesas Starter Kit

A flash programmer capable of high-speed programming that can program as a stand-alone without a PC.

Renesas Flash Programmer

The PG-FP6 installed in a system is a tool for erasing, programming, and verifying programs on Renesas MCUs with on-chip flash memory.