MC-COM is a communication board for serial communication with Renesas MCUs. It can be connected to various CPU boards equipped with RA or RX microcontrollers. Since the communication signals are electrically isolated, motor control evaluation and debugging can be performed safely.


  • Supports the motor control development support tool "Renesas Motor Workbench"
  • Communication signals are connected to the CPU board via an isolator, enabling safe evaluation and debugging of motor control in an environment where the PC and CPU board are electrically isolated.
  • It is possible to use boards other than Renesas CPU boards by embedding Renesas Motor Workbench compatible libraries (*1) in the motor control software.
    *1 Supported MCUs are in accordance with the following supported CPU cards.
  • Supported CPU boards
    • RX MCU:
      • RX13T CPU Card (P/N: RTK0EMXA10C00000BJ) *2
      • RX23T CPU Card (P/N: RTK0EM0003C01202BJ) *2
      • RX24T CPU Card (P/N: RTK0EM0009C03402BJ) *2
      • RX24U CPU Card (P/N: RTK0EMX590C02000BJ) *2
      • RX66T CPU Card (P/N: RTK0EMX870C00000BJ) *2
      • RX72T CPU Card (P/N: RTK0EMX990C00000BJ) *2
    • RA MCU:
      • RA6T1 CPU Card (P/N: RTK0EMA170C00000BJ) *2
      • RA6T2 CPU Board (P/N: RTK0EMA270C00000BJ) *included in RTK0EMA270S00020BJ
      *2 compatible cable (included in RTK0EMX270S00020BJ and RTK0EMA170S00020BJ) is required
  • Included items
    • Communication board
    • Accessories (cables, standoffs, etc.)




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