Renesas offers a family of 3.3 V & 5 V analog multiplexer / demultiplexer ICs that provide high-speed switching without adding propagation delay or generating additional ground bounce noise. These are ideal for bidirectional interfaces between mixed-supply buses, and in applications that require isolation and protection.

Available in a 4-channel-2:1, 2-channel-4:1, and 6-channel-4:1, Renesas'  multiplexers are optimized for high-performance video signal switching, audio signal switching, and telecom routing applications. High performance and low power dissipation make this device ideal for battery-operated and remote-instrumentation applications.

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About Multiplexers and Demultiplexers
An analog multiplexer (also known as a MUX or data selector) is a device used to select one of many input signals and connect that selected input to a single output / transmission line. A select line is used to control which input is connected to the output of the muliplexer.

The multiplexer offers the benefit of reducing the required number of transmission lines by switching various signals on to a single line. In other words, a single line can be shared by multiple signals at different times. Likewise, a demultiplexer does the reverse. That is, a signal coming into a single node can be switched to multiple outputs at different times. Oftentimes, a demultiplexer will be placed on the receiving side of the transmission line to complement the multiplexer, splitting the single data stream into the original multiple signal paths.

Important parameters of multiplexers and demultiplexers are:

  • on-resistance: the path resistance when switched on. Renesas'  multipexers / demultiplexers provide an on-resistance of 5 ohms.
  • transition time: the amount of time it takes for the multiplexer / demultiplexer to transition from one input to the next. Renesas’ products transition in 6 ns.
  • bandwidth (-3 dB point): the range of acceptable switching frequencies. Renesas’ multiplexers / demultiplexers provide up to 830 MHz bandwidth, are ideal for high-performance video signal switching, audio signal switching, and telecomm routing applications.
  • crosstalk: the amount of noise transmitted from one switch / signal to another when in operation. Renesas’ multiplexers / demultiplexers offer excellent crosstalk performance up to -115 dB at 50 KHz, -100 dB at 5 MHz, and -66 dB at 30MHz.
  • off-isolation: the isolation of the switches within the device when the switches are off. Renesas’ multiplexers / demultiplexers offer superb off-isolation up to -90 dB at 50 KHz, -60 dB at 5 MHz, and -50 dB at 30 MHz.