R2A11301FT is a single-chip system power supply for CPU core and DDR (DDR2 and DDR3).

Single-chip system power supply for CPU core and DDR (DDR2 and DDR3)


  • Switching regulator × 2 ch. (variable, 0.8V to 10V)
  • Dual N-ch. MOSFETs synchronous drive (Renesas HAT2210RJ recommended)
  • Support for backup mode using external control
  • Operating power supply voltage range: 3.4V to 50V (50V: 250msec)
  • HTQFP-64 package with small mounting area
  • On-chip 8-ch. 12-bit ADC (successive approximation type)
  • SPI setting, output
  • Switchable input level (3.3V/5V)
  • Input tolerant (excluding shutdown)


On-chip function for varying reg. voltage using adaptive voltage scaling (AVS) port


System Block Diagram:





Item R2A11301FT Specifications
SW System Synchronous rectification
Number of Output Channels 2CH: for CPU-Core and DDR
Max. Output Current Various setting with external component arbitrarily
Switching Frequency Variable (410KHz, 460kHz), External input PLL available
Operating Temperature range -40 °C to 105 °C
Input Withstand Voltage 3.4V to 35V
Output Voltage Variable (0.8V~10V)
Output Voltage Tolerance ±1% (whole temp. range) <Target value>
Soft-start Function yes
Anti-FET Overcurrent at Start-up yes
Phase-shift Available for Oscillation yes
AVS Variable -Width: +/-35mV (3 steps: -35mV,no adjustment, K35mV)
AD Converter 12-bit /8CH
Successive approximation type
Input tolerant, 5V/3V input available
Supply Voltage: 3.3V
Control and output by SPI interface
  • SPI Interface:
     ●Switchable over current detection level
     ●SW_Clock selelctable / Internal and external clock mode select
Package HQFP-64 (Lead-free, Halogen-free)

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