The ISL85413DEMO3Z demonstration board is used to demonstrate the performance of the ISL85413 wide VIN low quiescent current, high-efficiency, synchronous buck regulator to produce a positive primary output and a negative isolated secondary output.

The ISL85413DEMO3Z uses the ISL85413 synchronous buck regulator in an isolated buck configuration. It replaces the filter inductor with a coupled inductor (or transformer) to produce a primary output and an inverting secondary output.

The ISL85413 is offered in a 3mm x 3mm 8 Ld TDFN package with 1mm maximum height. The converter occupies 3.3cm² area.


  • Wide input voltage range of 3.5V to 40V
  • Synchronous operation for high efficiency
  • Integrated high-side and low-side NMOS devices
  • Internal switching frequency (700kHz)
  • Continuous output current up to 150mA
  • Internal soft-start
  • No compensation required
  • Minimal external components required
  • Power-good and enable functions available for primary output


  • Industrial control
  • Medical devices
  • Portable instrumentation
  • Distributed power supplies
  • Cloud infrastructure


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Datasheets & Errata
ISL85413 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.36 MB
User Guides & Manuals
ISL85413DEMO3Z User Guide Manual - Development Tools PDF 909 KB


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ISL85413DEMO3Z Design Files PCB Design Files ZIP 2.12 MB