Kris Rausch
General Manager – IDT Timing Products Division

Timing has always been a focus here at IDT and we are proud of our long heritage in timing leadership. From our standards leadership in such areas as PCIe, CCIX and IEEE 1588 to our proprietary solutions for the most cutting edge performance, IDT is committed to being not only a leading supplier but a partner for our customer’s most demanding clock and timing needs. 

Over the years, we have not only built up the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio in silicon timing solutions but also an extensive knowledge base to guide our customers in choosing the right timing solution for their application. Additionally, some of the most respected thought leaders in advance timing solutions are key contributors on our team.

So timing is nothing new for IDT. What is new is our commitment to increasing access to our solutions, knowledge base and people. Some of this has started already with new “how to” videos and webinars, but much more is coming. Whether you are a timing and signal integrity expert or someone who just needs help selecting a clocking solution to finish your next design, we are looking to provide you with access to the right technical information to achieve your goals – quickly and easily.

Watch this space over the coming months for regular updates on what we are doing in timing. And visit any time to find the right device and technical resources for your next design.

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