A laser distance meter (LDM) is used to measure the distance of an object with a laser beam. Advanced LDMs use a phase shift method to determine the distance. With this approach, a laser beam with sinusoidally modulated optical power is sent to an object or a target, such as a building or a wall. The reflected light is monitored, and the phase of the power modulation is compared with that of the light that was sent. This comparison results in an accurate distance measurement.

Laser distance measurement is gaining popularity in many markets, especially construction. For example, the distance to a wall, the length of a pipe, or the width of a wire can be measured quickly and accurately. Safety compliance is also gaining momentum in the automotive industry, where front, back, and side safety distances can be measured using this technology. In addition, an LDM may be used in the artistic realm of theater, photography and video making, as well to estimate the appropriate placement of equipment.

Simplified Laser Distance Meter (LDM) System Block Diagram

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Laser Distance Meter Block Diagram