This solution supports smart home and smart agriculture systems where a master unit (indoor unit) aggregates weather data (temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration) that is measured by a slave unit (outdoor unit). This data can then be sent to the cloud through Wi-Fi communication. The outdoor module is operated by solar power using an ultra-low power MCU. The indoor and outdoor modules are connected via Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE).

System Benefits​:

  • Measures indoor comfort and real-time weather data by providing vital data through its sensors, allowing the user to easily monitor their environment.
  • Ultra-low power RE01 MCU enables an outdoor module that doesn’t require battery replacement.
  • Highly efficient RX-based 32-bit MCU with added security features suitable for cloud communication and dual-bank memory functionality for secure, remote firmware updates
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE combo module (DA16600MOD) supports compact communication function

Target Applications:

  • Weather stations
  • Smart agriculture
Weather Station Solution
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