A drinking water machine can be directly connected to a water source for continuous supply of hot or cold drinking water. This product is very common in airports, stations, trains, offices, and homes. Temperature control, precise water level detection and touch key control are implemented in this solution. An optional flow sensor and op amp can be added to implement a high-end design measuring precise amounts of water.

System Benefits​:

  • Entry level RA 32-bit MCU provides perfect usage for touch key control and water level detection (1% accuracy in 200mm range).
  • The MOSFET provides high-speed switching.
  • A high-performance flow sensor and operational amplifier are used for precise flow control.

Target Applications:

  • Drinking water machines, coffee machines
  • Automatic dispensing of detergent
  • Water tank monitors in air purifiers, humidifiers, etc.
Drink Machine with Water Level Detection