Renesas has developed a growing portfolio of products for the Active Antenna Systems (AAS) being deployed in 4G and 5G mobile networks worldwide. These products address critical requirements for size, efficiency and performance in practical massive MIMO arrays and provide all necessary amplification, gain control and protection for the multiple elements that exist in such systems. 

Renesas’ AAS portfolio for massive MIMO arrays offers telecom equipment manufacturers the advantage of optimizing performance for their unique operating condition requirements, such as linearity versus current consumption. All of the devices deliver stability over a wide range of environmental conditions and frequency bandwidths and Renesas’ Smart Silicon™ integration allows for small form factors for a given board function.

Featured Active Antenna System Products

Part Number Description Datasheet Order
F0424 High-Gain Broadband RF Amplifier 600MHz to 4200MHz pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png
F0452C Dual Path RF Switch / LNA DVGA - 2.3GHz to 2.7GHz pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png
F0453C Dual Path RF Switch / LNA DVGA - 3.3GHz to 4.0GHz pdf_icon_for_table.png Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png
F1129 High gain differential receive amplifier with flat wideband response  Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png
F1429 High gain differential transmit amplifier with flat wideband response Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png
F1490 High Gain RF Amplifier 1.8GHz to 5.0GHz Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png
F2914 High Reliability SP4T RF Switch Buy Now arrow_icon_for_table.png