Renesas provides an automotive radar total solution for ADAS and automated driving (AD) applications including adaptive cruise control (ACC), autonomous emergency braking (AEB), lane change assistance (LCA), blind spot detection (BSD), and cross-traffic alerts(CTA) to reduce customers' R&D efforts.

System Benefits​:

  • 4D imaging radar system consists of a radar transceiver and R-Car system-on-chip (SoC) to provide high object recognition and redundancy when fusing with camera data, which is an essential combination for higher-level autonomous driving.
  • Equipped with a highly integrated 76GHz to 81GHz RFCMOS radar transceiver chip for automotive applications with the best noise figure and low power consumption. MIMO radar with a 4-channel Tx and 4-channel Rx creates a 16-channel virtual receiver providing high special resolution.
  • The radar front-end board and R-Car processor board are proven to be able to detect surrounding traveling vehicles and accurate position measurement of range and direction.
Imaging Radar for ADAS and AD


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