Renesas offers an ideal system for 48V mild hybrid vehicles and electric motorcycles using a highly efficient 12V/48V DC/DC converter. The solution consists of an LV148*1 board net and supports functional safety*2.

System Benefits​:

  • Multi-phase DC/DC solution delivers beyond 3kW between 12V and 48V board nets at over 95% efficiency.
  • Bidirectional analog controller eliminates the need for DSP with complicated firmware, separate buck/boost controllers and complex switching logic.
  • Supports functional safety up to ASIL B with an RH850 MCU and Renesas Regulator.
  • Reduces the need to determine modes and optimal settings for the ISL78226 PWM controller, hence shortening the evaluation time.

*1 Automotive 48V power supply standards formulated mainly by German automakers
*2 Please assess on customer system

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Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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