The ZSSC3218KIT Evaluation Kit provides the hardware needed for configuration, calibration and evaluation of the ZSSC3218 Sensor Signal Conditioner IC. The user's PC can communicate with the ZSSC3218 sample IC (QFN24 package - available only for kit) socketed on the ZSSC32xx Evaluation Board via the ZSSC3XXX Communication Board through a USB connection. The Evaluation Kit Software is available on-line for free download.

The Evaluation Board can connect to the user's sensor or to the ZSSC3XXX Sensor Replacement Board, which provides a replacement for an actual sensor and can be used for the first step of calibration or a dry-run calibration. The simulated resistive sensor signal is controlled by potentiometers.

Boards can also be ordered separately. To enable product comparisons, this modular kit is compatible with other select Renesas devices. Contact your local sales representative for more information.


  • ZSSC32XX Evaluation Board
  • ZSSC3XXX Communication Board with USB cable
  • ZSSC3XXX Communication Cable
  • ZSSC3XXX Sensor Replacement Board
  • 5 ZSSC3218 samples


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ZSSC3218 Evaluation Kit Software Rev. 1.94 软件和工具 - 评估软件 ZIP 8.09 MB