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The HXT4101A VCSEL driver is a key component for compact, high-performance, low-power optical modules. In conjunction with the VCSEL, the chip handles the complete digital-to-optical conversion, including CML input, laser driver, drive control, and supervision. The HXT4101A can be used in standalone mode (no microcontroller need), or in an I2C-controlled mode. The I2C interface and the embedded monitoring circuits enable fully programmable OSAs with co-packaged VCSEL and driver, for example low-power SFP+ modules using Smart TO-cans®. Both operational modes require a small number of additional components resulting in low cost, compact, high yield assemblies.


  • Low power consumption of 65mW per channel while delivering 7mA average and 7mA modulation current
  • 10mA Average and 10mA Modulation current maximum
  • 15mA burn-in current maximum
  • Complete set of control and diagnostic features
  • A/D read-out of temperature, effective VCSEL current and monitor photo-current
  • I2C control interface
  • Standalone modes for operation without microcontroller


器件号 Part Status Pkg. Type Temp. Grade Carrier Type Buy Sample
Obsolete WAFER C WFP
Obsolete BOARD C Box


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