The ISL98611 is a high-efficiency display power supply and LED driver for small size displays, such as smart phones. It integrates a boost regulator, LDO, and inverting charge pump that are used to generate regulated positive and negative voltages for display power. It also integrates a boost regulator and 3-channel current sinks for the LED backlight driver. The positive and negative output voltages can be adjusted from ±4. 5V up to ±6V. The ISL98611 extends the battery life of mobile devices by delivering greater than 88% efficiency for the display power function and up to 93% efficiency for the backlight driver when powering 12 LEDs. It reduces the PCB area by integrating the two functions into a single IC and by requiring only eight external components in total. This product drives backlight LEDs with excellent current matching even at very low LED current (±2. 2% down to 1mA and ±2. 8% at 50μA), improving the brightness uniformity of LCD displays. It includes analog, PWM, and hybrid dimming to maximize LED efficiency while eliminating color shift issues. The ISL98611 is offered in a 2. 33x2. 61mm2 WLCSP package and the device is specified for operation across the -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature range.


  • Display power output voltage: ±5V, ±5.6V
  • Positive and negative voltages can be programmed from ±4.5V to ±6V
  • >88% efficiency with 12mA load between VP and VN
  • Up to 93% efficient LED driver
  • Only 8 external components; integrated compensation and feedback circuits
  • Analog, PWM, and hybrid dimming
  • ±2.2% current matching down to 1mA and ±2.8% at 50μA
  • Can drive 2 strings of LEDs
  • 10-bit linear and 11-bit logarithmic DC output current control
  • I2C, PWM, and SWIRE dimming inputs with internal multiplier for CABC
  • 2.5V to 5V input voltage range
  • VP and VN output adjustable from ±4.5V up to ±6V with 50mV steps
  • I2C adjustable output voltages and settings
  • 1μA shutdown supply current
  • RoHS compliant


  • TFT-LCD Smart phone displays
  • Small size/handheld display


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