With the capacitive touch panel solution, customers can use the RX130 or RX231 to develop product interfaces employing touch panels instead of conventional mechanical switches. This solution supports the customer's efforts to develop products that can withstand water, dirt, and temperature variations while providing an attractive and sophisticated design.

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  • Comprises RX130 or RX231 evaluation system and QE for Capacitive Touch GUI based development tool.
  • Using the board and software included in the RX130 evaluation system you can get started with evaluation right away.
  • The RX231 evaluation system integrates segment LCD display, audio playback, and touch panel circuits, allowing the development and evaluation of HMIs and application products.


  • For use in the HMI block of HVAC, fire and safety, building security, or lighting systems.
RX130 Capacitive Touch Evaluation System
RX231 HMI Solution Kit
QE for Capacitive Touch


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