The IDT SDAWIR03 kit offers real-time sensor data collection that seamlessly integrates into sensor management services hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, making it easier for engineers and software developers to design complex IoT solutions and applications, eliminating the need for specific device expertise. 

The SDAWIR03 connectivity kit has been specifically developed for new and active AWS users who are interested in offering Sensing as a Service to their customers. The SDAWIR03 kit includes a sensor node module with real-time humidity, temperature, and gas flow sensors from which data is being collected. When additional SDAWIR03 sensor node modules are added, it will automatically connect via a mesh network based on IDT’s SensorShare™ 6LoWPAN protocol. The SDAWIR03 6LoWPAN hub connects to the AWS cloud from which the data can be visualized and analyzed using available tools such as ElasticSearch and Kibana. The 6LoWPAN wireless mesh connectivity uses an IPv6 address of each sensor module, integrating itself seamlessly into the existing infrastructure. IDT’s SensorShare wireless communication firmware in each SDAWIR03 kit has no license fee and no royalties, allowing resource and budget limited developers to focus on their end application.

This quick and easy to implement starter kit enables sensor data to link to the WiFi connected hub, and following a few steps to sign on to the AWS account, data mining and analytics services offered from AWS are ready to use.

The SDAWIR03 kit hub supports Over-The-Air updates (OTA) from the AWS site so the latest updates may be easily loaded to the kit. For example, the need to add 128-bit encryption security may be uploaded using the OTA update.  

For more information about the SDAWIR03 sensor connectivity kit, visit www.idt.com/SDAWIR.