The ZSC31010 is a CMOS integrated circuit, which enables easy and precise calibration of resistive bridge sensors via EEPROM. When mated to a resistive bridge sensor, it will digitally calibrate offset and gain with the option to calibrate offset and gain coefficients and linearity over temperature. A second-order compensation can be enabled for temperature coefficients of gain or offset or bridge linearity. ZSC31010 communicates via IDT's ZACwire™ serial interface to the host computer and is easily mass calibrated in a Windows™ environment. Once calibrated, the output SIG™ pin can provide selectable 0 to 1 V absolute analog output; rail-to-rail ratiometric analog output; or digital serial output of bridge data with optional temperature data.


  • Digital compensation of sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature drift and non-linearity
  • Accommodates differential sensor signal spans from 3 mV/V to 105 mV/V
  • ZACwire™ one-wire interface (OWI)
  • Internal temperature compensation and detection via bandgap PTAT (proportional to absolute temperature)
  • Optional sequential output of both temperature and bridge readings on ZACwire™ digital output
  • Output options: ratiometric analog voltage, absolute analog voltage, digital one-wire-interface
  • Supply voltage 2.7V to 5.5 V, with external JFET 5.5V to 30 V
  • Current consumption, depending on adjusted sample rate, 0.25 mA to 1 mA
  • Wide operational range -50°C to +150°C
  • Fast response time 1 ms
  • High voltage protection up to 30V with external JFET
  • Buffered and chopper-stabilized output DAC


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star ZSC31010 Datasheet データシート PDF 498 KB
ZSC31010 / ZSC31014 Application Note - Interfacing with a Gas Sensor アプリケーションノート PDF 224 KB
ZSC31010/ZSC31015/ZSC31050 App Note - External Protection Circuitry アプリケーションノート PDF 172 KB
ZSC31010-ZSC31015 Application Note - Analog 4-to-20mA Current Loop Output Applications アプリケーションノート PDF 284 KB
ZSC31010 - Serializing Parts アプリケーションノート PDF 186 KB
ZSC31010 / ZSC31015 ZACwire™ Communication アプリケーションノート PDF 336 KB
ZSC31010, ZSC31015, and ZSSC3015 Calibration Sequence, DLL and EXE アプリケーションノート PDF 667 KB
ZSC3xxxx / ZSSC3xxx Application Note-Interfacing Single-Ended Sensor to Differential SSC アプリケーションノート PDF 128 KB
ZSC31010 Short-form Datasheet データシート-簡略版 PDF 167 KB
Renesas CAD Altium Libraries for AID Products Rev 20210820 ガイド 7Z 1.21 MB
ZSC31010/ZSC31015/ZSSC3015 ZACwire™ SSC Modular Evaluation Kit Description マニュアル-開発ツール PDF 1.09 MB
ZSC31010-15 Mass Calibration System (MCS) Kit Description マニュアル-開発ツール PDF 1.03 MB
ZSC31010/15 Current Loop Calibration Spreadsheet Rev. 1.2 その他資料 XLS 41 KB
ZSC31010 Analog Front End Configuration Spreadsheet Rev. 1.1 その他資料 XLS 72 KB
Sensor Signal Conditioning ICs for Industrial and Consumer Applications 概要 PDF 2.93 MB
ZSC31010 Die Dimensions and Pad Coordinates 技術概要 PDF 158 KB


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ZACwire™ SSC Evaluation Kit Software Rev. 2.130 ソフトウェア/ツール-評価版ソフトウェア ZIP 1.47 MB


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ZSC31010-MCS Mass Calibration System for ZSC31010 Evaluation Renesas
ZSC31010KIT Evaluation Kit for ZSC31010 Evaluation Renesas