SOTB Process Technology

Energy Harvesting in Embedded Systems is Now a Reality

Exclusive SOTB technology from Renesas breaks the previous trade-off between getting either low active current or low standby current consumption – previously you could only choose one. With SOTB, you get both without compromise. Additionally, SOTB supports high operating frequency for high performance and small silicon node geometry for high-density memory. This is a recipe for very capable, extreme low-power applications that run from harvested ambient energy – no batteries required.

Extreme Low-Power Applications



Technical overview

What Is The SOTB Process?

A disruptive extreme low-power technology exclusively from Renesas.

What Are The Benefits Of SOTB?

Extreme low active and standby power, speed scalability, high performance analog with low noise, and high immunity to disruption from particle radiation.

SOTB Solutions

Embedded Controller Using SOTB

The new embedded controller, the R7F0E, enables easy design of energy harvesting applications that require no batteries.

Energy Harvesting Examples

Examples illustrating use and benefits of the specialized functions in the R7F0E to manage harvested energy sources.

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