DALI Driver

Fine LED Dimming, Advanced Safety and Communication for LED Lighting

Renesas R2A20134 LED Driver IC and RL78/I1A microcontrollers implement lighting control, advanced safety and communication functions, enabling lower cost, regulation compliance, fine dimming, lighting sequence and color temperature control. RL78/I1A adopts the Renesas 16-bit RL78 CPU, which achieves both high computational performance and ultra-low power consumption.

Block Diagram

Key Features


  • Two-stage solution offer isolated designs for LED driver applications
  • Second stage ( Buck convertor) allows flexible output configurations for Vout & Iout
  • High resolution dimming and accurate dynamic CRI and CCT control for lighting application
  • Supports 16-, 17- & 24-bit extended DALI, DMX512 and multiple sensor & user interface controls
  • Easy integration into building automation network
  • Enables high intelligence light innovation at low system cost
  • Performance standard as per IEC62384 & safety standard IEC61347-2-13


  • Input: 100Vac – 280Vac
  • Output: 30V@1A
  • Current regulation <1%
  • Pf > 0.95
  • THD <10%
  • Target efficiency > 82%
  • Dimming Options : Analog Dimiing (0-10V) & DALI compliant 
  • Surge Capability > 4KV
  • Intelligent LED drivers
  • Lighting controls
Recommended Products
  • Microcontroller: RL78/I1A
  • LED Driver IC: R2A20134