Renesas has a broad lineup of MCU products suitable for microwave ovens. These include the RL78/G13 Group, the RL78/G14 Group, the RX130 Group and the RA4M1 Group of microcontrollers, which are built around a high-performance CPU and integrate A/D converters to handle a variety of sensor inputs, Built-in Data Flash instead of EEPROM and Timers which has pulse input function and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) function.

Microwave Oven (Low-End)

System Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

Recommended Products
Block Semiconductor Device Recommended Products Features
System Control MCU RX130 Group
RL78/G13 Group
RL78/G14 Group
RA4M1 Group
Enhanced Capacitive Touch function, 5V operation
5V operation, Rich line-up, can be used in a wide variety of applications
Three-phase complementary PWM output, Rich line-up
Arm Cortex-M4 with LCD Controller and Capacitive Touch for HMI
Sensor Output Amplification, Detection CMOS Op-amp READ2303G
Full range input/output, high slew rate
Low power consumption, high slew rate
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R2A20112A evaluation board * -
R2A20114B evaluation board * -

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