Blood glucose meters are devices used to measure blood sugar levels and help monitor health conditions. Recently, there has been an increasing demand for these effective metering solutions, as the self-monitoring glucose meter market was valued at $14.3 billion in 2017 and expected to grow at 5.1% CAGR through 2024.

For this solution, Renesas’ RX231 microcontroller (MCU) provides an interface for the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module, touch sensing, LCD control, and USB communication, all in one package. The ISL28214 operational amplifier (op amp) is used for the transimpedance amplifier, thanks to its low input offset and bias currents, while the ISL90727 digitally controlled potentiometer (XDCP™) provides programmable gain. The HS3001 temperature and humidity measurements enable offset calculations on the signal for accurate measurements. And, our ISL9001A low dropout linear regulator ensures a proper voltage is always maintained.

Key Features

  • Highly integrated RX231 MCU with built-in capacitive touch
  • Programmable gain to maximize the output signal voltage for all inputs
  • Reliable humidity and temperature measurements
  • Simple voltage supply with low current consumption
System Block Diagram

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