Devices for Fitness & Health market require flexibility, integration and efficiency to be considered as top priorities. Renesas has made a dedicated effort to invest in new technology which broadens our portfolio to support the latest applications. Key applications where our products find a home are listed below:

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Activity Monitor

Activity monitors are devices that monitor a person's various daily activities. Unlike pedometers, activities other than walking, such as sitting at a desk or sleeping, can also be measured. This allows the number of calories consumed each day to be calculated. Thus, the use of activity monitors for health monitoring and dieting is spreading.


Cyclocomputers are a device that is attached to a bicycle to display a variety of information such as speed, number of pedal rotations per minute (cadence), and heart rate.

Electronic Pedometer

Electronic pedometers are becoming very popular as healthcare devices as they provide an easy way to check calorie usage by counting the number of steps a person walks. Recently, some digital music players and mobile phones have been introduced with built-in pedometer functions.


Treadmills, also called running machines, are training machines for performing walking and jogging exercises indoors.

Related Technologies


Renesas Electronics continues to play a key role in designing the specifications, developing the technologies, and cultivating the market for USB.

 Bluetooth® Low Energy

Growth in IoT market has tremendously increased the installed base for BLE, and Renesas offers industry-leading solutions for this technology.

 Motor Control

Renesas offers a broad range of devices, software, and tools, including a kit that can be used as a reference design — all specifically designed for motor control applications.

 Smart Analog

This flexible platform allows designers to adapt to varied sensor interface requirements, simplify the tuning process, and intelligently use sensor data.

 Power Management

Complete portfolio of power management technology to intelligently manage power in any system, from battery-powered to high voltage systems.