Virtualization technology for automotive vehicles SELTECH's Virtualization Solution FOXvisor

Renesas Easton Co.,Ltd.

Renesas DevCon JAPAN 2017 We introduce SELTECH Inc.’s “FOXvisor” demo, that was implemented at Renesas Easton’s booth at the Renesas. Network security countermeasures have become important for in-vehicle devices. In this demo, we simulate threats such as viruses against ADAS-BOX that is the most important among in-vehicle devices.
You will be able to compare the “R-Car H3” with the hypervisor “FOXvisor” installed, and the one without it.
By coordinating with built-in TrustZone in the R-Car H3 that is equipped with “FOXvisor”, it conceals important vehicle control programs in a secure space.
With this, even if a USB memory that simulates threats is connected, there will be no effect to the vehicle control (running operation). On the other hand, there will be an effect on the operation for the unequipped vehicle.

Please consider SELTECH’s “FOXvisor” as a security countermeasure for automotive vehicles to conceal your important vehicle control programs.

Added on 2018-05-11