Renesas offers a multitude of microcontrollers combining low power consumption and excellent reliability as solutions for gas and water meters

Gas and Water Meter Solutions

Gas meters must measure and display the amount of gas used, and in Japan they must also provide safety functions to automatically detect abnormal states and cut off the gas supply. This means that the microcontrollers used in gas meters require the ability to connect to sensors of various types.

The Japanese Measurement Law stipulates replacement limits of 10 years for gas meters and eight years from water meters, and the batteries incorporated into these meters must have operational lifetimes of at least this duration. These applications therefore require microcontrollers with ultra-low current consumption.

The RL78/L1x Series and RL78/G1x Series offer such ultra-low current consumption while providing improved fail-safe functions such as a high-safety watchdog timer (WDT) and an on-chip oscillation circuit that is highly resistant to oscillation errors. In addition, a broad lineup of package options enables customers to select a microcontroller with precisely the right functions and size for the gas meter or water meter they are developing.

The RL78/I1D features enhanced analog functions such as op-amp, 12-bit A/D converter, and window converter; low current consumption of 124 μA when operating at 1 MHz; and a medium-speed oscillator with a fast wakeup time of 4 μsec. A solution is available for measuring the flow measurement unit rotation rate in gas or water meters employing the RL78/I1D.

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Water Meter

Renesas’ RL78/L1x Series of MCUs offer low power consumption in the standby state and can operate across a wide range of voltages. In addition, a broad lineup of packages is available to meet your necessary functionality and size requirements.

Gas Meter

Renesas’ RL78/L1x Series and RL78/G1x Series of MCUs offer low power consumption. They also incorporate a highly reliable watchdog timer (WDT) and an on-chip oscillator circuit with minimal susceptibility to oscillation errors, in order to increase the fail-safe functionality of the MCU. These MCUs are suitable for the development of gas meters demanding stable operation with a high level of reliability.