Automotive control by electronic systems such as electronic control units (ECU) continue to become more advanced and sophisticated to achieve cars that are safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. Electronic systems have come to bear the intended function of automotive control, in particular in driving support systems such as collision avoidance and automatic following traveling systems. Thus, the risk of safety violation caused by abnormal control by an failure of electronic system is increasing.

Autonomous Driving Requirements

Furthermore, research and development for automated driving are proceeding vigorously in recent years. In order to realize autonomous driving, electronic systems require even more complex control as well as more advanced safety. For these reasons, the implementation of functional safety technology that performs safe handling even in the event of failure, and security technology that protects system operation from external attacks, has become essential.

ISO 26262 Standard

In November 2011, the ISO 26262 international standard for functional safety for electrical and/or electronic systems in cars was released. The work required from electronic system developers—such as constructing a safety concept and performing qualitative and quantitative safety analysis—has increased. Consideration of the 2nd edition of ISO 26262 has also started, so it can be expected that developer work will further increase when new requirements are added.

Communications Security

In addition, communications with systems outside of the car are important for autonomous driving because the car needs to be controlled in coordination with other vehicles and traffic infrastructure information, so communication security must also be considered. Many concerns have already been brought up by academic conferences, papers, and so on, demonstrating the importance of security. Due to this direction, the automotive industry as a whole needs to take care of security. Standardization of security is advancing in many countries, and standardization has become a requirement just as it has for functional safety. Consequently it is expected that the burden on development will further increase.

Global Functional Safety & Technologies

Together with our customers around the world and as the holder of a top-level global share in the automotive semiconductor business Renesas has been investigating state-of-the-art functional safety and security technologies. We have been participating in ISO Working Group for ISO 26262 and other standardization activities to lead the development of functional safety and security technologies globally. Leveraging our core competences of the vast experience gained through these activities and our proven track record recognized by our many customers, we propose new system solutions that are optimized to our customers' systems and that can easily satisfy functional safety and security requirements.

Functional Safety & Security Support Program for Automotive

Comprehensive support for functional safety and security in four axes

  • Tools with proven track record in safety analysis and security threat analysis
  • Support for software that is closely related to hardware enables easy system building
  • Work product set can easily support standards
  • Hardware, software, functional safety work products, and consulting


Functional Safety Support Program


Balances Functional Safety and Security

Based on abundant knowledge and experience with functional safety and security

An automated driving system of course requires strong security, but this must be balanced with functional safety. For example, if the countermeasure for an attack from a malicious third party were to be to stop all function, this would not be safe for an automated driving system which requires continuous operation.

Renesas collaborates with partners around the world and participates in a variety of standardization activities to consider functional safety requirements for systems installed with security functions and development processes that integrate functional safety and security. Based on the knowledge acquired through such activities, Renesas offers solutions that balance both functional safety and security.


Integrated Functional Safety & Security Solution Lineup

Renesas' experience and knowledge offered as a system solution


Functional Safety Security Solutions

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Functional safety, security, network, EMC, and other automotive system core technologies are essential for businesspeople who deal with the automotive industry. However, understanding the vast body of complex written standards and technical publications is not an easy task.

Renesas is here to help with an E-learning service. Efficiently learn about automotive system core technologies from international experts and engineers who have abundant experience with standardization presenting the latest information and know-how in an easy to understand way.



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