The SH7766 is an image recognition SoC that improves on the capabilities of the SH77650 image recognition SoC with proven results that is currently in mass production. It also has an enhanced view function and a higher performance image recognition engine.

New functions include a viewpoint conversion engine, dynamic range control, a hardware engine for view function, and the IMP-X2 next-generation image recognition engine, which retains library compatibility with the existing image processing engine (IMP) while boosting processing performance over fourfold.

System Block Diagram

SH7766 System Block Diagram

Item SH7766 Specifications
Part name R8A77660DBG: 2D graphics
Power-supply voltage 3.3 V (IO), 1.5 V(DDR3), 1.275 V(core)
Maximum operating frequency 534 MHz
CPU cores SH-4A core
On-chip RAM ILRAM: 16 Kbytes + OLRAM: 16 Kbytes
Cache memory Divided into 32 Kbytes instruction/32 Kbytes data × 2, 4-way set associative type, cache coherency support
External memory DDR3-SDRAM (DDR3-712)
Maximum operating frequency: 356 MHz
Data bus range: 16-bit
Expansion bus Address space: 64 Mbytes × 3
Main on-chip peripheral functions Image recognition engine IMP-X2: 266 MHz
Distortion compensation/perspective transformation engine (IMR-X) × 1 channel
VIN/VDEC linked distortion compensation/perspective transformation engine (IMR-LSX) × 4 channels
Dynamic range control engine (DRC)
2D graphics engine (Renesas original two-dimensional graphics)
3D graphics engine (optional)
SD host interface
Controller Area Network (CAN *) interface × 2 channels
Package 440-pin BGA (21 mm × 21 mm, 0.8-mm pitch)
Development Environment ICE for SH-4A
Evaluation board A reference platform with the following features is available.
1. Includes peripheral circuits for car information devices, providing a verification environment for the actual user system
2. Can be used as a tool for developing software such as applications
3. Original functions created by the user can be added
Middleware IMP-X2 Library
DRC Library

* Controller Area Network (CAN) is a vehicle network developed by Robert Bosch GmbH.
* PowerVR, SGX is a trademark or a registered trademark of Imagination Technologies Ltd.
Other names of products or services mentioned here are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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