DC-CDI has a DC-DC converter on board that does not depend on a magneto to produce high voltage to charge the capacitors. The converter provides a stable spark energy throughout the RPM range which is an added advantage over the AC-CDI. Renesas offers both heatsink and heatsink-less reference boards based on the RL78/F12 series MCU.

DC-CDI Heatsink-Less Version

This reference solution operates without a battery. Normal operating voltage ranges are between 6.5V to 16.0V, and has an overvoltage protection up to 350V. The average operating current is less than 1A @ 14.0V and it possesses kick back protection, which means there will be no spark in reverse direction. Unlike conventional DC-CDI solutions, the Renesas solution uses the powerful 16-bit microcontroller RL78/F12 series, and high power and low Rds(on) MOSFETs in the DC-DC converter section, which eliminates the need of heatsinks for the MOSFET, reducing cost and board space.


DC-CDI Heatsink Version

DC-CDI (with heatsink) is also based on our RL78/F12 series of 16-bit microcontrollers with advanced and state-of-the-art peripherals that are very suitable for high-end two wheeler ignition control modules and body control related applications, including quick engine start-up and precision control of spark timings. The RL78/F12 series features noise immunity which is particularly useful in a noise prone application like CDI.

Block Diagram
Key Features
  • Stable spark energy kept throughout the RPM range
  • Overvoltage and kick back protection available
  • Miniaturization
Recommended Products

Microcontroller: RL78/F12 (R5F10968KSP)

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