WG6031/RTL8189 WiFi Driver

WG6031/RTL8189 WiFi Driver

The Jorjin WG60311 Module and drivers features the RTL8189EM, WiFi chipset with a standard Pmod connector for the SK-S7G2.


The WG6031 Driver for Synergy uses the Realtek, RTL8189EM Wi-Fi Driver implemented for Renesas Synergy™ Software Package (SSP). This is the second Realtek WiFi chipset offered through Jorjin on a module. Compared to the RTL8711 SoC, the RTL8189EM is an 802.11bgn 2.4G single-chip that integrates Wireless LAN (WLAN) and a network SDIO interface (SDIO 1.1/2.0/3.0 compatible). It combines a WLAN MAC, a 1T1R capable WLAN baseband, and WLAN RF in a single chip. The RTL8189EM provides a complete solution for a high-throughput performance and low power consumption integrated wireless LAN device.The Jorjin driver enables features and functions of the Wi-Fi chipset on the SK-S7G2 Starter Kit through GSPI interface.

The driver contains binary demo applications built for SK-S7G2 Starter Kit including:

• Build with Renesas e2studio v5.4.0.023

• SSP v1.3.2 and HAL peripheral library

• RTL8189EM Add-on module

• Integrated with Express Logic ThreadX RTOS and NetX TCP/IP.


The demo system is integrated with the following system, software and toolchain components:

• The RTL8189EM Driver for Synergy 

• Windows 10 Development PC

• RTL8189EM board +SK-S7G2 board

• e2studio

• SSP v1.3.2

• J-Link ARM GDB Debugger


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Version 1.0

Current Public Release

Release Date: 2018-01-22

MCUs Supported: S7G2

MD5: 88e259af84b6ec0ee2284e980f900579


Installation Instructions

Installations for how to import the projects are available in the documentation section. Schematics of the Pmod carrier board is also available for download.