The IE850 is equipped with a rich variety of debugging functions, such as event, trace, and time measurement functions.

Release Information

Software to be used Target devices Latest Version Released Operating Environment
*Evaluation Software Download
RH850 Note1, V850
[More details]
 List of Functions Supported by CS+
V8.04.00 Jul. 20, 2020 Operating Environment
IAR Embedded Workbench Note2 RH850, V850 For the details, contact IAR Systems.
Green Hills Multi Note2 RH850, V850 For the details, contact Green Hills Software.


  1. Rewrite the data in the QB-V850E2 (main unit) when debugging systems that include MCUs of the RH850 family. For the details, see Data rewriting for debugging the RH850 family MCU (Preparation for the system).
  2. As for tools produced by partners, contact each company directly.

Details of upgrade (See Tool News)


Large Trace Capacity
The IE850 supports a larger (512-KB) frame for tracing than the earlier product, the IECUBE for the V850 family, which supported a 256-KB frame as the capacity for trace information. Furthermore, you can also extend the trace capacity to 2.25 GB (128 Mframes) by using the optional QB-V850E2-SP product, which is usable with the Multi IDE from Green Hills Software, LLC.
The CS+ IDE from Renesas can realize various analytical features such as the percentage of functions executed, graphical display of variables, and visualization of function call relationships.

Rich Variety of Debugging Functions
As a full-spec. emulator, the IE850 is equipped with a rich variety of debugging functions. Along with basic functions such as stepped execution, breaks and RAM monitoring, it also supports time measurement, tracing and measurement of coverage for more efficient system development.
Superb Versatility
The IE850 is used by combining the IE850 main unit part with a pod section. By exchanging emulation pods to suit the MCUs you are using, the emulator can support any series of RH850 and V850E2M microcontrollers.

Specifications of IE850 Main Unit (QB-V850E2)

Host machine interface USB (USB2.0, High-speed)
Power supply for emulator Supplied from the AC adapter separately available
Emulator main unit external dimensions (mm) 104(W) x 104(D) x 43(H)
Emulator main unit weight Approx. 300 g
Conformance with overseas standards European Standards: EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024
US FCC Standard: FCC part 15 Class A


  • Emulator main unit (QB-V850E2)
  • USB interface cable
  • Stick for unplugging EA from POD

Note that optional products such as emulation PODs or the AC adapter, or converter boards are sold separately.

System Configuration

Optional Products (Sold Separately)

  • Emulation POD
  • Exchange adapter
  • Emulator connector (YQ Connector)
  • Target connector
  • Space adapter
  • Mount adapter
  • AC adapter *See "AC adapter".

Emulation POD for RH850 Family

Emulation POD Target MCU
RTE7701460EPA00000R RH850/D1L1, RH850/D1L2, RH850/D1L2H, RH850/D1M1, RH850/D1M1-V2, RH850/D1M1H, RH850/D1M1A, RH850/D1M2, RH850/D1M2H, R7F701417, R7F701437
RTE7701216EPA00000R RH850/E1M-S2
RTE7701202EPA00000J RH850/E1M-S, RH850/E1L
(Non Promotion)
RH850/D1M1, RH850/D1M1H, RH850/D1L2, RH850/D1L2H, RH850/D1L1
(Non Promotion)
RH850/D1M2, RH850/D1M2H

For other optional products, refer to   Product Lineup (IE850 for RH850) and Option Products.

Emulation POD for V850E2M

Emulation POD Target MCU
QB-V850E2FX4H-PD V850E2/Fx4, V850E2/Fx4-H, V850E2/Fx4-M
QB-V850E2SX4H-PD V850E2/Sx4-H
QB-70F3529-PD-EE V850E2/DK4
QB-70F3532-PD-EE V850E2/DN4-H
QB-70F3534-PD-EE V850E2/DJ4, V850E2/DP4-H

For other optional products, refer to   Product Lineup (IE850 for V850E2M) and Option Products.

AC adapter

Specifications of the AC adapter for IE850 vary depending on the region. Be sure to use an adapter designed for your region. AC adapter is not bundled with the IE850.

Region Model No.
Japan QB-V850E2-PW-JP
America QB-V850E2-PW-EA
Europe Not separated, bundled with the IE850.
China QB-V850E2-PW-CN
Hong Kong QB-V850E2-PW-HK
Korea QB-V850E2-PW-KR
Singapore QB-V850E2-PW-SG

Target Devices

Note: in addion to the above, the IE850 supports MCUs, R7F701417 and R7F701437, as well.

Information Supporting Development Tools

Title Description
My Renesas Create a My Renesas account to use our tool download services, receive e-newsletter/update notifications, and take advantage of our other services.
e-learning Information for studying and learning about microcontrollers and microprocessors.
FAQ Frequently asked questions and useful hints for development.
Forum A forum and community site to share technical information, questions and opinions with others who use Renesas MCU's.
Tool News Tool release information and other important information.
Operating Environment Information on system requirements and operating environment for the latest version of tools.
Tool Environmental Information Information on RoHS compliance of tools.
Info on Discontinued Products A list of Renesas software and tools that have been discontinued and are no longer being offered for new projects.

Data Rewriting for Debugging the RH850 Family MCU (Preparation for the System)

To debug systems with MCUs of the RH850, it is necessary to rewrite the control program and FPGA data in the QB-V850E2. Download "Utility for updating the IE850 main for the RH850" as below.

Note that the IE850 product is used to support the RH850 family and V850E2M. If you wish to debug systems with the V850E2M, download "Utility for updating the IE850 main for the V850E2" as below.

Refer to the following table for the latest version of the control program and FPGA data.

Product Name Issue Date Description Remark Downloads
Utility for updating the IE850 main for the RH850, Rev1.00 20-Apr-15 Control program:Firmware=V1.13
FPGA data:FPGA=V03.08
Updates the program in the IE850 main unit to work with the RH850.
This is also able to change the program in the IE850 main unit from being for the V850E2 to being for the RH850.
Utility for updating the IE850 main for the V850E2, Rev1.00 20-Apr-15 Control program:Firmware=E1.00o
FPGA data:FPGA=V02.10
(Rev. B4)
Updates the program in the IE850 main to work with the V850E2.
This is also able to change the program in the IE850 main from being for the RH850 to being for the V850E2.

Product Name Changed to IE850

The name of the IECUBE2 full-spec emulator supporting the V850 family of MCUs has been changed to the IE850 on October 1, 2014 with the start of support for the RH850 family. The product name of the main unit is still QB-V850E2 as before. The functionality is also the same as before. However, it is necessary to rewrite the control program and FPGA data when debugging systems that include MCUs of the RH850 family.