The M38000T2-CPE is a compact emulator that supports real-time tracing and debugging. It is for Renesas 740 Family MCU (8-bit).

This product package includes required development tools: Integrated development environment, Compiler, Assembler and Emulator debugger. So, you can program and debug your applications as soon as you open the package.



Release Information

740 Compact Emulator Debugger
Latest Ver.: V.1.02 Release 00
Released: Sep 16, 2006
Details of upgrade (See Tool News)

Operating Environment


  • Basic Debugging
Window Function
Register Window Displays/changes content of flags and registers particular to the MCU.
Memory Window Displays the contents of contiguous memory in dump format with "address" and "label". Can be displayed in binary, decimal, hexadecimal, and ASCII. Allows to modify the contents of memory, and also to fill and move specified blocks of memory.
RAM Monitor Window Displays memory content changed during target program execution. The area read during program execution is displayed in green, and the area written is displayed in red. (You can set colors of your choice.)
ASM Watch Window Monitors changes of memory contents and variable contents declared on assembly language level. Display format can be selected from among binary, decimal, and hexadecimal. If the specified address is within the real-time RAM area, area read is displayed in green, and the area written is displayed in red. (You can set colors of your choice.)
C Watch Window Displays C variable contents. In addition to a window that displays variable formula of your choice, there are windows that display external variables, local variables within a file, and local variables within a function.
Script Window The window for executing commands from the keyboard or script files. An area is provided for displaying command execution results and command history. Execution results can be output to a file.
S/W Break Point Setting Window For setting/clearing software break points. Can set 64 break points maximum (OR condition).

Screen Image : Basic Windows

Basic Windows

  • Advanced Functions
Window Function
H/W Break Point Setting Dialog Sets/cancels hardware break points. Can set 1 break point maximum.
Trace Window Displays the results of real-time tracing in the emulator. The following three display modes are supported: Bus mode, Disassemble mode and Source mode and MIX mode (Disassemble & accessed data).
GUI I/O Window By simple mouse operation, you can create virtual input panels (e.g., key input buttons) and output panels (e.g., virtual LEDs) for user system.




See related documentation. (user's manual,   release note, etc.)



See related documentation. (user's manual,   release note, etc.)


Options (purchasable separately)

Emulator MCU Board

Note: Set package which consists of an emulator MCU board M38D29T2-RLFS and a converter board M3T-F160-64NSA for 64-pin 0.8mm-pitch LQFP. M38D29T2-RLFS separately is not available.

Note: Set package which consists of the emulator MCU board M38D29T2-RLFS and converter board M3T-F160-64NSD for 64-pin 0.5mm-pitch LQFP. M38D29T2-RLFS separately is not available)

  • M38D59T-RLFS: Emulator MCU Board for 38000 Series 38D5 Group


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