C30 Group of USB PD controllers supports the latest USB Power Delivery Specification Revision 3.0 (USB PD 3.0) and USB Type-C™ Specification, and intended for use in a wide range of USB PD products employing direct current (DC) power, such as AC adapters, PCs, smartphones, other consumer and office equipment, and toys.

In addition, the R9J02G012 supports USB Type-C™ Authentication Specification to enable Device-to-Device Authentication for a safer USB PD eco-system. It is available in the compact BGA package, reducing the required mounting area in products such as cables or electronic devices.


  • Compliant with Universal Serial Bus Power Delivery Specification Rev 3.0

-  Certified by USB-IF: TID=1060008 (Silicon), 1050051 (E-marker)

-  Supports Programmable Power Supply

-  Supports USB Type-C™ Authentication Specification Revision 1.0

-  Supports USB Power Delivery Firmware Update Specification Revision 1.0

  • Suitable for Energy Star and EuP specifications for low-power PC peripheral systems
  • Built-in USB Type-C™ CC-pin communication circuit and components
  • Power supply voltage

- VDD: 2.7-5.5V

- NVCC: 1.8-3.6V

  • On-chip oscillator makes external clock input unnecessary
  • Package : 42-ball BGA (3.6 mm x 3.1 mm)
  • Supports SMBus master and slave functions
  • Passed vulnerability assessment AVA_VAN.4 by ECSEC Laboratory Inc.


Internal Block Diagram:



Devices that support USB Type-C™ Authentication

  • USB outlets and mobile batteries
  • AC adapters, USB PD hubs, and computers
  • Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and docking stations
  • Computing peripherals (monitors, printers, routers, external hard drives)
  • Home electronics (digital TVs, set-top boxes, home gateways)
  • Point of sale systems and measuring instruments
  • USB Type-C™ cables, etc.


Order Information:

Please contact a Renesas sales representative or office.



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