RX microcontrollers operate a Product Longevity Program (PLP) to ensure that customers with long product life cycles select products with confidence.

Prepare a broad lineup of more than 700 products. We will supply up to 15 years.


Please refer to the detail for Product Longevity Program.


RX microcontroller main product PLP lineup

We also offer other than the following main products.

RX PLP Lineup

Featured Products

RX65N/RX651 - Mainstream RX MCU with RXv2 core, large-capacity RAM, and enhanced security, connectivity, and HMI

RX231/RX230 - Best combination of low-power consumption and high-performance 32-bit RXv2 CPU core with enhanced DSP and FPU

RX130 - Cost optimized high performance RX MCU with enhanced touch key function and 5V operation support.

RX66T - First products equipped with the RXv3 third-generation RX CPU core, and are optimal for motor control applications

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